Vida Shoppy Bag - Flying Pheasant

When the most exciting outing we have at the moment is a trip to the supermarket I feel it is important that we do it in style!

These hand made bags are made from 100% cotton canvas and denim. Fully reversible and will carry a good amount of groceries, or its perfect at the beach and the millions of other things you need a good bag for. It can then be packed away snuggly and take up little space.
Throw them in the wash, they are durable, and if you take care, will last you years. 
Mine is five years old and still like new. 

The fabric is all sourced locally, most of which comes from my constant fabric hoarding that I love to collect

These have zero plastic and won't harm the environment - most importantly 

Large 35x38x23 approx. This is Dark denim and Flying Pheasant Canvas

These are available for courier only while in level 4 and adding contactless collection from level 3. For courier nationwide please add A4 in the shipping section for overnight deliveries.

Images by Sharyn Buckley Stylist