Flower School

From beginner florist courses to floral master classes - view our Workshops for 2024 below

Thank you for your patience while I get a schedule of workshops up for 2024. I have got a bit behind on workshops this year, they take time, energy and passion to plan and with a busy start to the year my workshops got a little waylaid. But as winter starts settling in and the temptation to snuggle up in the warmth and hibernate also allows us the time to maybe learn something new or develop your skills. There is nothing better than a 'me made' gift of flowers and as many of you would of heard me say before, never underestimate the Power of the Flower to delight.  
Please bare with me as I add new workshops as inspiration grabs me and the season beauties excite for new creations. 
If you have something specific you would like to do a workshop in please let me know as I am sure there will be others that would like to learn.

Our unique flower workshops include so much more than just learning how to make flower arrangements. These bespoke courses are designed to help you learn the fundamental techniques and skills of floristry – and have fun in the process! A flower arranging class like no other. We believe there is nothing more special than a gift of flowers – and if that gift is handmade by the giver, what a wonderful thing.

Whether you’ve never made so much as a daisy chain or have dabbled with more ornate creations at home, we have classes suited to your experience. Join us to discover new skills, appreciate the grace and beauty of floral creations, and gain the confidence to create your own exquisite designs at home. We have a wide selection of courses that bloom throughout the year, so have a browse through our seasonal offerings and see what calls your name.

Contact us today for more information on any of our bouquet workshops.