Vida Shoppy Tote - Blue Floral

When the most exciting outing we have at the moment is to the supermarket I feel it is important that you do it in style!

These hand made bags are made from 100% cotton canvas and denim. Fully reversible and will carry a good grocery shop, or go to the beach and the millions of other things you need a good bag that can be packed away snuggly also  
You can throw them in the wash, they are durable, and if you take care, will last you a lifetime. 
Mine is five years old and still like new. 

The fabric is all sourced locally and most come from my constant hoarding that I love to collect. 

These have zero plastic and won't harm the environment - most importantly 

Large 35x38x23 approx. This is soft washed denim and Liberty drill

These are available for courier only while in level 4 and adding contactless collection from level 3. For courier nationwide please add A4 package in the shipping section for overnight delivery.

Images by Sharyn Buckley Stylist